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    In the ongoing assessment of Sandy’s damage it has become clear that recently replenished beaches and maintained engineered beach and dune systems provide significantly better protection and minimize inland damage to homes and coastal infrastructures than adjacent un-replenished, non-engineered systems.

    Over the past 20 years, the Partnership has been New Jersey’s Voice in raising the awareness of state and federal officials and the general public to the need for safeguarding the shoreline through beach restoration and other shore protection methods. The Partnership was established in response to the brutal 1991 “Halloween storm” and subsequent December Nor’easter. Though not as devastating as Sandy, the receding shoreline provided little protection for the coastal communities, and the wind and tides created havoc with roads, boardwalks, buildings and the beaches themselves. Through the Partnership’s efforts, the Legislature set up a dedicated Shore Protection Fund that matched 65% to 35% of state and local funding, enabling the Corps of Engineers to conduct a major beach replenishment project along the Jersey Shore.

    Sandy necessitated federal funding far beyond the Shore Protection fund to restore our entire 130 mile coastline, with most damage experienced in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  The restoration work is ongoing. One year later we have proven our resiliency. We’re not stopping until we have reclaimed the Jersey Shore we know and love – white sandy beaches, sparkling waters, boardwalks with food and fun, dazzling casinos, sport fishing and boating.  We are coming back!

    Beach protection is the Partnership’s Business and we continue to work to ensure that funding is forthcoming to restore and rebuild our beloved Jersey Shore. We invite your membership support, especially at this time. You too can be a Voice for the Jersey Shore!  Our website, Facebook and related links will keep you informed of coastal issues and the Partnership’s continued efforts to protect our beaches.