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    Article: Back Bay Flood-Defense Plan Will Take Time, Federal Official Says

    Jersey Shore Partnership : December 28, 2016 8:11 pm : News

    An article titled “Back Bay Flood-Defense Plan Will Take Time, Federal Official Says” was recently published on NJ Spotlight.  An excerpt of the article can be found below, and the full article can be found here.

    “A U.S. official told residents of New Jersey’s back bay communities on Thursday that it will be three years or longer before federal and state authorities finalize a wide-ranging plan to defend the bays from Sandy-like flooding, and some years after that until the plan is executed.” – Jon Hurdle, NJ Spotlight

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    Jersey Shore Partnership : November 22, 2016 3:41 pm : News

    The completion of a 600 foot-long concrete culvert on Wreck Pond, Spring Lake will ease flooding and beach closures in towns adjacent to the Pond. Residents have for years been subject to flooding and the bacteria–ridden water seeping from the Pond.   The culvert will act as an inlet that can be managed by the opening and closing of a gate during severe weather events. It will help restore tidal flows between the ocean and the Pond, making it easier for fish to flow back and forth and improving water quality. It will also allow water to release from the pond quickly ad to control ocean water from coming in.

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    JSP Co-Chairs National Shore and Beach Preservation Conference

    Jersey Shore Partnership : November 3, 2016 2:08 pm : News

    The Jersey Shore Partnership co-chaired the National Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA)
    recent conference in Long Branch with Stevens Institute of Technology and Mott MacDonald.
    Congressman Frank Pallone was keynote speaker. More than 350 participants focused on innovative ideas and solutions to building more sustainable coastlines.

    The Co-Chairs presented an award to Lynn Bocamazo, NY District Army Corps of Engineers, and Dave
    Rosenblatt, NJ DEP for the Monmouth County Coastal Storm Risk Management and Erosion
    Control Project, initiated in 1994 to the present. The Project is the largest beach erosion control project
    ever undertaken by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.



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    Good News For Beach Protection Funding

    Jersey Shore Partnership : September 12, 2016 1:48 pm : News

    Senate Bill S311 sponsored by Senator Joe Kyrillos and Assembly Bill A2954 sponsored by Senator Jeff Van Drew would increase the Shore Protection Fund from $25 million to $50 million, the amount that is credited each year to the Shore Protection Fund from realty transfer fees. The Jersey Shore Partnership initiated the legislation and gave testimony before the joint Committee meeting.

    We are delighted to report that the bills were heard on August 18 at the joint Senate Environment and Energy Committee and the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee and passed on to the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees.

    This was the critical first step in moving the legislation along. Our testimony provides extensive detail on the funding required to meet authorized and planned beach protection projects over the next ten years. We look forward to presenting our testimony before the Appropriations Committees.

    The Shore Protection Fund is an investment in the State. The Jersey Shore is an iconic brand for New Jersey as a recreation destination. The shore communities return $20 billion in tourism revenue annually to the state, and provide jobs and business opportunities for thousands.

    The Jersey Shore Partnership respects New Jersey’s commitment to preserving its beaches and ensuring that all of us have the opportunity to access the shore for the beauty and recreation it offers.

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    How Beach Replenishment Works

    Jersey Shore Partnership : August 25, 2016 1:52 pm : News

    Margot Walsh of the Jersey Shore Partnership recently had the opportunity to witness the dredging for beach replenishment first hand.

    “On Monday, I went out on a Great Lakes Dredging Company dredger off LBI to learn how sand actually gets to our beaches.  It is a very interesting science and, I must say, requires very experienced and resilient crew that our on duty 24/7.  Included in our group were representatives from the Coastal States Organization, Philly Army Corps of Engineers, NJ Fish and Wildlife, American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) and our hosts (way in the back of photo) Bill Hanson from Great Lakes and a reporter from NBC.  I had an on-air news moment but most important the interviewer noted the Partnership’s efforts to increase funding for shore protection.”

    The full news article/video and photos are also available online.


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