• How Beach Replenishment Works

    by  • August 25, 2016 • News

    Margot Walsh of the Jersey Shore Partnership recently had the opportunity to witness the dredging for beach replenishment first hand.

    “On Monday, I went out on a Great Lakes Dredging Company dredger off LBI to learn how sand actually gets to our beaches.  It is a very interesting science and, I must say, requires very experienced and resilient crew that our on duty 24/7.  Included in our group were representatives from the Coastal States Organization, Philly Army Corps of Engineers, NJ Fish and Wildlife, American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) and our hosts (way in the back of photo) Bill Hanson from Great Lakes and a reporter from NBC.  I had an on-air news moment but most important the interviewer noted the Partnership’s efforts to increase funding for shore protection.”

    The full news article/video and photos are also available online.



    The Jersey Shore Partnership is an advocate of initiatives that are unique and important to the Jersey Shore coastal communities with an emphasis on shore protection and beach replenishment. The Partnership takes an active role in New Jersey’s economy including tourism, coastal resources, vital infrastructure, education and emergency preparedness.