• Report Warns Rising Sea Levels Will Swamp Shore

    by  • October 14, 2014 • News

    A report by the Union of Concerned Scientists states that within the next 30 years, East Coast communities will see dramatic changes in the number and severity of tidal floods each year, unless serious steps are taken to successfully manage those flood waters.

    The report made several recommendations on how towns should address the threat of tidal flooding, including upgrading infrastructure and developing a long-term vision.  The report also called for a coordinated national response that will provide incentives, regulate and mandate action.

    New Jersey is already addressing this issue.  Sandy has taught us that successful mitigation projects must include the bays and rivers that overflow their boundaries and flood bordering communities.  In addition to the Atlantic coast, new restoration projects will focus on the Delaware Bay coast, Raritan Bay, Sandy Hook Bay, and tidal swatches of the South River and the Passaic River.


    The Jersey Shore Partnership is an advocate of initiatives that are unique and important to the Jersey Shore coastal communities with an emphasis on shore protection and beach replenishment. The Partnership takes an active role in New Jersey’s economy including tourism, coastal resources, vital infrastructure, education and emergency preparedness.